Bodymain Right

UV technology with innovative features

Cathelco’s achievement is in developing a BWT system which fully exploits the advantages of UV technology.
  • Twin UV lamps in each chamber to render organisms, bacteria and pathogens harmless.
  • Each chamber can treat up to 200m3/hr of seawater.
  • Water travels in ‘helix’ to maximise exposure.
  • Available for single installation or in series via manifolds.
  • Automatic self cleaning system for lamps and internal surfaces of UV chamber to mitigate corrosion and optimise the efficiency of the UV radiation. 

Unique helix flow for maximum UV exposure

For effective disinfection, it is important that the contact time between the seawater and the light source is optimised as it passes through the UV chambers. Through computer analysis, Cathelco engineers have produced pipework that sends the water on a unique trajectory as it enters the chambers. The water flows in a ‘helix’ exposing the maximum surface area to the UV lamps. This increases the efficiency of the process by bringing more of the seawater into direct contact with the light source.

The UV chambers are among the most compact on the market without any loss of performance. This is because the water flows along one side of the twin chamber and then passes along the other, doubling the exposure to the UV lamps.

Medium pressure UV lamps for greater effectiveness
Cathelco are using medium pressure UV lamps because of their superior disinfection potential. The broader UV spectrum of these lamps allows for a more effective inactivation of organisms across a wide range of water qualities. Furthermore, the small footprint of the UV reactor makes it more suitable for the installation in an engine room, especially for retrofits. These practicable aspects outweigh the slightly higher power consumption, compared to low pressure UV lamps.