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Unique ball cleaning system

Cathelco have developed an innovative ball cleaning system for the UV chambers, ensuring that the outside surface of the quartz tubes is kept free from any biological residue.

When the cleaning cycle is automatically initiated, the UV chambers are isolated from the rest of the BWT system by valves. A separate pump is activated enabling specialised foam balls to be introduced into the reactor line from a reservoir. These hit the surface of the quartz UV sleeve, gently polishing away any residue that may have collected as well as cleaning the inside of the chamber.

At the end of the cycle the foam balls are automatically reclaimed, the cleaning system is isolated and the main system is ready for the next ballast water operation.


  • Efficient cleaning of quartz sleeves and reflective surfaces to optimise UV lamp performance.
  • Reduces corrosion on internal surfaces of chamber.
  • Avoids the use of cleaning chemicals.
  • Minimises damage to the sleeves caused by mechanical cleaning methods.
  • No mechanical moving parts inside the UV reactor.