The Mk I system for superyachts (shown above) will be superseded by the Evolution in 2017.

Key features of the Cathelco Evolution system

  • Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology.
  • Ideally suited to flow rates between 30-80 cubic metres per hour.
  • A completely chemical free system.
  • Highly accurate UV dosage – economising on power and lamp life.
  • Available in space saving modular form for retrofits.
  • Compact back flushing filter unit.
  • Compact UV chamber.

Evolution system schematic


Specifically designed for superyachts, the Cathelco Evolution ballast water treatment (BWT) system is compact, reliable and completely chemical free.

The new system represents Cathelco’s continuing commitment to the luxury yacht sector based on over 50 years of experience in marine engineering.

The yacht BWT equipment was developed in tandem with our commercial system which received IMO Type Approval in April 2014. However, right from the beginning, Cathelco kept the yacht market in mind and incorporated specific features – a smaller filter, shorter UV chamber and more compact ‘footprint’, to name just a few.

The Cathelco Evolution BWT system is currently being tested to the ‘live/dead’ standard with the aim of achieving USCG Type Approval. At the moment, no manufacturer holds USCG Type Approval and therefore Cathelco are committed be one of the first companies to achieve it.

With its background of experience, Cathelco are recognised as a world leader with a reputation based on quality and innovation with the highest standards of customer service.