In retrofit installations space availability is usually a major consideration. The Evac Evolution system can be supplied in modular form enabling components and control panels to be distributed in available areas for ease of installation.


1 UV reactor

These are designed with six UV lamps to achieve the level of irradiation to meet the U.S. Coast Guard ‘live/dead’ standard. The water flows in a helix maximising the surface area exposed to the UV light. The reactor is 1120mm in height making it one of the smallest on the market.

2 Filter unit

The Filtrex ACB filter has been specifically selected for its very compact size –  less than half the size of filters used on commercial vessels. It has a filter mesh size of 20 microns and incorporates automatic back flushing.

3 Cleaning-in-place (CIP) control panel

The lamp sleeves are automatically cleaned after every ballasting/de-ballasting operation using an efficient wiper system.

4 UV lamp cabinet

Step-less power control enables output to the lamps to be raised or lowered in small incremental steps, ensuring that power is used economically.

5 Control panel

Controls ballasting/deballasting, C.I.P cleaning and many other functions. Built in data logging ensures compliance with IMO regulations. Provides salt water and fresh water operational modes. Available as stand alone, remote or fully integrated.