Capacities: 20 to 35 tonnes per day

Expertly engineered for the requirements of the largest superyachts, these systems provide potable water for the full range of drinking, washing and cleaning requirements.

The models are completely automatic with salinity testing and ‘dump’ features as standard, plus flow meters for monitoring input feed and product water generation. In addition, there are a range of optional features including media prefilters and product softening filters.

The system consists of a control frame which can fit together with various ‘pre’ and ‘post’ treatments to customers’ requirements for versatile installation.

  • Suitable for the requirements of medium to large superyachts.
  • Automatic salinity control and ‘dump’ feature.
  • Small footprint – modular or skid mounted.
  • Durable construction – enclosed in powder coated aluminium alloy frame.
  • Flow meters for monitoring input feed and product water generation.
  • Optional remote control from the bridge.
  • Optional extras include media filter and product softening filter, fresh water flush, UV steriliser, chlorine dose unit, chemical dosing unit.

Ton Series T20 – T35 capacities

Model:Ton 20Ton 25Ton 30Ton 35
U.S. Gallons/Hour220275330385
U.S. Gallons/Day5,2806,6007,9209,240