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Cathelco systems for offshore vessels and structures

Cathelco are world leading manufacturers of seawater pipework antifouling (AF) and hull corrosion protection (ICCP) systems for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Cathelco have considerable experience in the design and production of ICCP systems for semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs. Anodes are carefully positioned to achieve the optimum level of corrosion protection and avoid areas of 'shading'.

FPSOs and FSOs are increasingly used to exploit oil and gas reserves in deep water areas. Cathelco's range of diver changeable anodes and reference electrodes are important factors in the long term protection of these vessels.

Seawater lift pumps on offshore platforms are prone to bio-fouling. Cathelco have devised special AF units which are bolted to the bottom of the caisson and dose the incoming seawater with ions to protect the pipework system against blockages.

Projects can be co-ordinated through a network of agents covering Australasia, Europe, India, Latin America, Russia, Scandinavia and the USA. This is backed by representation at shipbuilding and fabrication yards in the Far East and throughout the world.

ICCP systems for semi-submersibles and jack-up rigs.
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ICCP systems for FPSOs and FSOs.
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Seawater pipework anti-fouling systems for lift pumps.
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