Cathelco have world leading experience in the design and manufacture of ice class ICCP corrosion protection systems for offshore oil and gas platforms operating in Arctic conditions.

The systems are expertly designed to provide effective corrosion protection for large and complex structures which will inevitably suffer coating loss during their time in operation, making ICCP protection essential to their structural integrity.

To achieve this long lasting performance, Cathelco have designed ice class anodes and reference electrodes to withstand the pressure of winter ice, together with thyristor control panels which provide outstanding reliability.

Ice class anodes

Robustly designed to resist winter ice, the anodes have a relatively large surface area to provide a greater output. They are made from extra thickness plate and have current emitting faces with a layer of mixed metal oxide (MMO) which is three or four times thicker than conventional anodes. Ice deflectors can be fitted around the anodes to provide further protection.


Reference electrodes

These are used to measure the electrical potential at the hull/seawater and send a signal to the control panel which raises or lowers the anode output.


Control panels

Arctic waters contain more fresh water and are less saline. This results in higher resistivity which means that a more powerful ‘driving’ force is required to achieve the necessary level of cathodic protection. Therefore, Cathelco use 50 volt thyristor control panels which combine cost effectiveness with proven reliability. The largest 1,000 amp panels enable 8 anodes and 4 reference electrodes to be controlled from an individual unit.


Information systems – Quantum

The latest ‘Quantum’ control panels store comprehensive data about the configuration of system which can be viewed through a series of displays. They also automatically log data concerning the performance of the system. An RS485 link enables this information to be relayed to a central control room where the system can be easily monitored. Furthermore, data can be uploaded on a USB stick and e-mailed to Cathelco for analysis.