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Minitek – protecting steel hulls

The Minitek system uses the latest technology to protect steel hulled craft against corrosion. This is achieved by using a compact control panel and an arrangement of anodes and reference cells which are flush mounted on the hull – so there is nothing to interrupt the smooth profile or cause additional drag.

The current to the anodes is constantly monitored and adjusted to provide the ‘optimum’ level of protection at all times. This is far superior to the performance of sacrificial anodes where the amount of protection cannot be easily verified and may be insufficient to prevent corrosion.


  • Anode life 15 years - unlike sacrificial anodes.
  • Reduced weight in comparison with sacrificial anodes.
  • Flush mounted anodes to ensure smooth hull profile.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Self diagnostic system.
  • Operates from 230V or 115V a.c. electrical supply.
  • Control panel measures only 500mm x 390mm x 210mm for systems up to 40 amps.
  • Lower yard installation costs than recessed sacrificial anode


Length approx
Sacrificial Anodes
ICCP System
Weight Advantage
186 kg
40.5 kg
145.5 kg
465 kg
52 kg
413 kg
926 kg
85 kg
841 kg