Cathelco’s marine growth prevention systems are fitted on some of the most prestigious superyachts in the world. However, by miniaturising anodes and control panels, the same well proven technology is available to protect thousands of luxury yachts and cruisers.

Mini AF systems for superyachts

The Mini system eliminates blockages in seawater engine cooling systems caused by barnacles and mussels and has been designed for larger luxury yachts with a number of seawater inlets.

With its compact design, the Micro control panel can easily be fitted in engine rooms where space is limited. Read more

A range of anodes to fit within seachests, strainers or pipework using steel or nylon mounting sleeves for easy installation. Read more

Systems can be supplied solely for anti-fouling or as dual purpose units combining anti-fouling and corrosion suppression features.


Nano systems for luxury yachts

The Nano System is the latest step in miniaturisation with an ultra-compact control panel which can be fitted in areas where space is at a premium. Read more

Systems are custom-made for their applications to provide anti-fouling only or a combination of anti-fouling and corrosion suppression. A variety of anode types are available to fit within the smallest strainers, including anodes with integral cathodes for plastic strainers and individually mounted cathodes to reduce corrosion. Read more

Easy to install and economically priced, the Nano System brings peace of mind to owners of luxury yachts from just 20ft upwards.