By miniaturising control panels and anodes, Cathelco have brought the benefits of pipework anti-fouling technology to a wide variety of smaller craft including offshore supply vessels, workboats, small ferries and tugs.

Many of these vessels operate continuously within in-shore waters where there is a much higher risk of bio-fouling. By fitting a Cathelco system and eliminating problems of blockages in seawater lines serving engine cooling systems, considerable savings can be made in fuel usage and maintenance costs.

Mini systems

These systems are ideal for the protection of small to medium sized vessels where space is limited.

The units can be fitted solely to provide anti-fouling protection or as dual purpose systems offering the advantages of corrosion suppression in pipework.

Although the control panels are only a fraction of the size and weight of standard models, they incorporate many features including digital displays, built in alarms and current reduction facilities. Read more

A complete range of seachest and strainer mounted anode types is available to protect steel and cupro-nickel pipework. There are also special dual purpose anodes – copper/aluminium or copper/ferrous which can be fitted directly within pipework. Read more


Nano Systems

This system represents the ultimate in miniaturisation with a control panel designed to fit into the tightest areas on patrol craft, workboats and luxury yachts.
Now fitted to hundreds of small craft, Nano system provide effective and reliable protection using a range of very compact anodes which can be fitted in strainers or small seachests. Read more

In addition to small copper and ferrous anodes to protect steel or cupro-nickel pipework, special anodes with integral cathodes are available which can be fitted within plastic strainers.