Cruise ships use very high volumes of seawater with flow rates often exceeding 15,000 cubic metres per hour.

The Cathelco system has the ability to treat these volumes effectively, whilst providing a number of other benefits. Systems are generally designed with multiple anode installations to protect high and low sea chests serving the engines and ancillary systems. These may include air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems and fire fighting pumps – all essential to the safe and efficient operation of the vessel.

Operating with copper concentrations of just 2 parts per billion, the system can be used to protect the inlets for desalination plants, coming well within the safe requirement of 1.5 parts per million.

As no chemicals are involved, the system is also environmentally friendly and helps to meet the ‘green’ standards of modern cruise vessels.

Reflecting the trend of longer intervals between drydocking for cruise ships, anode replacement can be timed at 5 years.

  • Multiple anode installations can be used to treat large flow rates effectively.
  • Complete protection for engine cooling systems and ancillary services.
  • Dual action – pipework anti-fouling and corrosion suppression.
  • Automatic system – makes little demand on crew time.
  • Safe  – no chemicals are involved for better staff and passenger safety.
  • Environmentally friendly.