Cathelco’s reputation has been built on providing marine growth prevention systems for some of the biggest fleets of commercial vessels in the world.

With the ability to treat high volumes of sea water, the system is ideally suited to the requirements of the VLCCs, container ships, LNG carriers and numerous other types of ocean going vessels.

For this reason, it continues to be chosen by major operators, reflecting both the effectiveness of the system and the on-going support which is provided to customers.

In operation, the system is automatic and makes very little demands on crew time apart from periodically monitoring the anode outputs. A log sheet monitoring service provided by Cathelco ensures that systems continue to perform effectively.

Modular control panels and anodes

Economical and compact in design, modular control panels are easy to install. Read more

A range of anodes and mounting types are available for commercial vessels. Read more


Seachest anode installations

When systems are installed at newbuilding, anodes are generally fitted in the seachests using special sleeves or flange mountings.


Strainer mounted anodes

If systems need to be installed prior to scheduled drydocking, the anodes can be mounted in the seawater strainers. This also simplifies replacement when anode renewal becomes necessary.


Electrolysis tanks

Where the Cathelco system supersedes existing chemical based anti-fouling equipment, the anodes can be mounted in treatment (electrolysis) tanks in order to economise on the installation costs by utilising existing pipework. In other cases where it is not possible to install anodes directly into seachests or strainers, electrolysis tanks allow the sea water to be treated at the earliest opportunity by injecting treated water directly into the seawater intakes. Read more