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Llalco - principal agent for Latino American countries

Llalco Fluid Technology is Cathelco’s principal agent for the Spanish speaking Latino American countries including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
With a background of experience stretching back for over 30 years, Llalco can provide support and technical information about the complete range of Cathelco products. They will then put you in contact with the local agent based in each of the above countries.

Official Cathelco Technical Service 

Llalco provide the complete solution to the installation and maintenance of Cathelco systems. Their highly skilled team of engineers have all received training at Cathelco’s headquarters in the UK. This gives you the reassurance that systems are correctly installed and that maintenance is carried out to the required standards. It is also important to remember that by using the Llalco Technical Service your equipment will be covered by the Cathelco warranty, whereas repairs or modifications by unauthorised engineers will invalidate the warranty.
Llalco Fluid Technology S.L
Natalia De Silva, 3-A,

Contact:  Javier Llamas
Tel:  00 34 91 742 3057