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Cathelco Ballast Water Treatment Systems…from a company that understands the shipping industry

The Cathelco BWT system has a number of unique features that enhance its effectiveness and reliability. View the animation and see how Cathelco have used their experience of the shipping industry to design a system which is efficient, compact and easily installed on a wide range of vessels.

Major features of the Cathelco BWT system

  • Based on a combination of filtration and UV technology, well established processes which are effective against a broad range of organisms.
  • Capacities from 50m3/hr to 2,400m3/hr or up to 1,200 m3/hr per single system.
  • Comparatively small ‘footprint’ and low power consumption.
  • Does not involve the use of chemicals – not even for cleaning.
  • UVT sensors measure turbidity (water cleanliness) and automatically raise or lower the output to the lamps – saving overall power usage.
  • Unique ball cleaning system within UV chamber to polish quartz tubes and mitigate corrosion on internal metal surfaces – saving on power to the lamps.
  • Currently the smallest UV chamber on the market.
  • Established network of 50 agents worldwide to support installation and servicing.