ICCP Overview

View the animation and see how an ICCP system protects the hull of a commercial vessel.



Cathelco ICCP systems for ships of every type

Cathelco have developed a range of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems for vessels of every type.

The introduction of the C-Max anode range provides numerous advantages in terms of high performance and ease of installation. These anodes are lightweight, diver changeable and produce a high output from a small footprint.

Whatever the vessel, Cathelco can provide the ultimate in effectiveness and reliability to combat hull corrosion.

Specific systems have been designed for the following types of vessels:-

Commercial and cruise ships - systems using the latest C-Max anodes.

Fast Ferries with steel or aluminium hulls, plus Jettek systems to protect water jet units.

Naval Vessels - intelligent systems (I-Shield) for warships and compact systems for fast patrol craft (Patroltek).

Fishing Vessels/Workboats - Compact systems to protect steel and aluminium hulls on smaller craft.

Luxury Yachts - Minitek (for steel hulls) and Alutek (for aluminium hulls) have numerous advantages over traditional sacrificial anodes systems.

Bow & Stern Thruster Tunnel Protection using a uniquely effective system for eliminating corrosion.