Zinc reference electrodes

Widely used on steel hulled commercial vessels, these reference electrodes are fully diver changeable. Robustly designed and recessed on the hull, they have excellent performance and durability.

Size: 125mm diameter


Silver/silver chloride reference electrodes

These provide a stable reference for highly accurate readings on larger aluminium hulled craft. They also have the advantages of being recessed and diver changeable.
Size: 125 diameter


Minitek reference electrodes

For use on smaller craft and yachts with steel hulls, these electrodes are made from zinc. Supplied with steel cofferdams, their compact size and recessed design helps to maintain a smooth hull profile.

Size: 90mm diameter


Alutek reference electrodes

Produced from silver/silver chloride to give highly accurate readings, these electrodes are designed for use on aluminium hulled craft and luxury yachts.

Size: 90mm diameter