C-Max anodes
high performance and easy to install

The C-Max range are a new generation of linear and disc anodes from Cathelco combining high performance, lightweight design and a number of advanced features which make them easier to install.

  • Diver changeable – easily installed when vessel is in drydock or at sea.
  • Lighter and easier to handle than existing designs. Can be carried by one man.
  • Achieve high output from a small surface area.
  • Linear C-Max anodes fitted using self-snapping torque nuts. Therefore no torque wrenches required for installation or replacement.
  • Integral backing shield fitted to anode area with rear gasket allowing compression over weld seams.

C-Max linear anodes

Generally used for aft systems, these anodes are available in a range of outputs from 50 to 300 amps. Current is emitted from one or more tubular elements (tubes) produced from titanium with a coating of mixed metal oxide. These are mounted on an integral backing shield made from strong, but lightweight ABS plastic.

50 – 75A & 100A linear anodes

These have a single current emitting tube. On the 50 – 75 amp design the element is 25mm in diameter and on the 100 amp version greater output is achieved by having a 32mm diameter tube.

Size: 740mm x 400mm
Weight: 7kg


125 – 200A linear anodes

This anode is designed with two tubes each 32mm in diameter to achieve outputs of up to 200 amps.

Size: 740mm x 400mm
Weight: 7kg


225 – 300A linear anodes

Designed for use on the largest vessels, these anodes have three tubes to produce outputs of up to 300 amps.

Size: 1380mm x 400mm
Weight: 14kg


C-Max disc anodes

Disc anodes are used for ‘forward’ ICCP systems where their circular shape reduces the risk of physical damage and helps to maintain the flow dynamics at the bow of the vessel. Their low profile also avoids the problem of rubbing by anchor chains. The current emitting face of the C-Max disc anode is made from mixed metal oxide (MMO) on a titanium substrate. This is contained within a rubber over-moulding which creates a watertight seal with the hull and protects the edge of the anode.

50 – 100A disc anodes

These anodes can be easily changed by a diver using a simple procedure.

Size: 370mm diameter
Weight: 4kg


125 -175A disc anodes

Diver changeable for use on larger vessels.

Size: 526mm diameter
Weight: 9kg


Elliptical anodes for Ice Class applications

In future, elliptical anodes will only be supplied for Ice Class applications. These anodes are produced with extra thickness housings and doubler plates to match the hull thickness of ice going vessels. The current emitting face of the anode is recessed within the housing and made with a thicker coating of titanium which is stronger in the event of impact.

Medium Ice Class Elliptical Anode (Small)

564 x 335 x 30mm thick   Weight: 8kg

Medium Ice Class Elliptical Anode (Large)

695 x 465 x 35mm thick    Weight: 17kg

Full Ice Class Elliptical Anode

564 x 335 x 30mm thick   Weight: 13kg


Minitek Anodes – steel hulls

Minitek anodes are used to protect the steel hulls of smaller vessels and luxury yachts. The elements are made from mixed metal oxide (MMO). Their compact design reduces the size of hull penetrations and preserves the smooth hull contours of the vessel.

10 Amp – 90mm diameter
20 Amp – 175 mm diameter


Alutek Anodes – aluminium hulls

Alutek anodes are used on the aluminium hulls of smaller craft and luxury yachts. The elements are made from platinised titanium (Pt/Ti). A GRP di-electric shield is used in these applications with a specially designed cofferdam arrangement.

10 Amp 24 Volt – 127mm diameter