Cathelco has made a major advance in ICCP technology with the development of I-Shield, the intelligent system for naval vessels. Warships require specialised ICCP systems which prevent hull corrosion, but do not interfere with the electrical war-fighting capability of the ship.

The I-Shield system is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of EMC/EFI, shock, vibration, low maintenance and flexibility of operation in the military environment.

  • Current output is 120 or 180 Amps at 10 Volts with a Ripple Content of less than 0.1% into 6 nominal OR333 loads.
  • Can be configured as Two or Three Zone System with every anode assembly having its own controller and each controller capable of using up to six reference electrodes.
  • The use of different electrodes provides optimum control and flexibility. It also ensures maximum corrosion protection throughout the complete range of operational characteristics of the warship.

Design Characteristics

  • Power Unit and Controllers are mounted in one cabinet.
  • Design in accordance with NES 704 and built to ISO9001 Quality Control.
    Robust design to last the lifetime of the vessel and built to withstand high levels of shock and vibration.
  • Minimum maintenance requirements, monthly operational reports analysed by Cathelco engineers.
  • Anodes and reference electrodes are easily replaceable during drydocking.
    Ripple Content of less than 0.1%. Measured in the range of 50 – 400Hz to a target accuracy of 0.02%.
  • ICCP System can be configured to a two or three Zone system.
  • Will accept AC Input of +/- 16 to 18% as per Stanag 1008.
  • The system is designed for ease of use using a visual command line showing the operational instructions.
  • There is a separate visual ‘alarm text line’ which displays any alarm or fault condition in readily understandable text.
  • Pin number protected configuration mode prevents unauthorised access to control settings.
  • Scrolling display lists all the inputs and outputs of the system together with the operational mode information without the need for any user intervention.
  • System can be connected to vessel’s computer network (TCP/IP) to allow remote monitoring.

Flexibility of Control & Monitoring

  • Flexibility of control with every anode assembly having its own controller and each controller capable of using up to 6 reference electrodes or the average of electrodes 1&2, 3&4 or 5&6.
  • Accurate control with ability to maintain controlling reference electrode to within +/- 5mV of set mV point, when no other influences on hull protection are present.
  • Each controller is capable of monitoring all reference electrodes and the averages of pairs of reference electrodes, output volts, output amps, anode back-EMF, set mV levels of the controller and the output ripple level of its associated output driver.
  • Varied control and monitoring capabilities, which add significant advantages of flexibility in order to maintain optimum corrosion protection along the entire hull. These include intelligent modes designed to achieve either equal potentials at all of the reference electrodes to +/- 10mV of the set mV level or to fix the ratio of current between the anodes.
  • Built in alarms and protection devices to stop internal damage to the power unit.
  • Controllers capable of monitoring all required functions.
  • Built in memory within each controller can store 1,000 alarm conditions along with all the operating parameters at the time the alarm occurred. The system also records all of its inputs and outputs at the time that the incident took place.
  • Built in memory to automatically store daily log readings. The PC software is also able to download all of the data stored in the memory of each controller via one TCP/IP link.
  • Optional Remote PC Monitoring and Logging of System.

Cabinet: Hinged Doors
Dimension: D520mm X W936mm X H1500mm
Weight: 281 Kg
Cabinet Ventilation: Fan Assisted
Status Indicators: Input/Protection Level/Fuse Failure/Temperature Trip/System Failure Alarm/Individual Anode Control/Reference Electrode Potential Indication/Digital Displays for Reading & Settings