Cathelco have world leading expertise in protecting the hulls of fast ferries and high speed military craft against corrosion.

They have also developed Jettek, a unique and highly effective method of protecting water jet tunnels. The systems have been installed on fast ferries operated by Sea Containers, Color Line Marine, Nordic Jetline, Tirrenia, British Columbia Ferries, Angjutan Sungai Danuadan and New World Ferries – to name but a few.

In the military sector, Cathelco has provided systems for Triton, the experimental trimaran and the US navy’s ‘X’ Craft programme.

Minitek – protecting steel hulls

The Minitek system uses the latest technology to protect steel hulled fast ferries against corrosion. Read more


Alutek – protecting aluminium hulls

The Alutek system provides precisely governed corrosion protection for aluminium hulls using controlling and monitoring reference electrodes. Read more


Jettek – protecting waterjet systems

A unique ICCP system specifically designed to protect the waterjet units on fast craft. Read more