Cathelco have considerable experience in protecting the hulls of container ships, VLCCs, bulk carriers and other large vessels against corrosion.

They have also supplied ICCP equipment to major cruise ship operators including RCCL, NCL, Disney Cruise and Costa Cruise lines.

On large vessels of this kind, the ship is usually protected by a forward and aft ICCP system.

Forward system

To provide a smooth hull profile, the forward system normally uses C-Max disc or elliptical anodes of approximately 100 amps mounted port and starboard. Power is generally supplied from a thyristor control panel.


Aft system

C-Max linear anodes are ideal for installation on large commercial vessels as they provide a high output from a relatively small surface area. Because of their powerful output, one 300 amp anode fitted on each side of the hull gives
effective protection. This new generation of anodes has a number of important advantages:-

  • Can be changed by diver – no need for drydocking.
  • Light and easy to handle – can be carried by one man.
  • Fitted using self-snapping torque nuts for easy installation.
  • Integral backing shield with rear gasket allows for compression over weld seams.

Thyristor Panels

Generally, thyristor control panels are used for aft systems on large vessels as they are economical and incorporate comprehensive information systems. Shaft earthing and rudder bonding are normally included in the scope of the system, eliminating the risk of ‘stray current’ corrosion. Read more


Modular Panels

These compact, lightweight panels can be installed on any type of commercial vessel, but are generally used as an alternative to thyristor panels when space in the engine room is limited.
They are designed for systems of up to 400 amps and have the advantage of interchangeable modules.