The appearance and hull integrity of luxury yachts, whether built from steel or aluminium, can be seriously compromised by corrosion.

Traditional methods of protection involve the use of sacrificial anodes which add extra weight and drag as well as spoiling the smooth lines of the craft. Sacrificial anodes also need to be replaced at regular intervals to remain effective.

Cathelco Minitek and Alutek  systems eliminate these problems using the most advanced impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) technology. They have also developed systems which protect water jet tunnels on high speed leisure craft.

The systems are specified by some of the world’s leading yacht designers and builders, and can be fitted to craft of 15 metres upwards.

Cathelco Minitek ICCP

Watch the animation and see how the Minitek system protects steel hulls against corrosion, automatically adjusting to provide the optimum anode output.

Cathelco Alutek ICCP

Aluminium hulls require precisely controlled corrosion protection. Watch the animation to see how the Alutek system governs anode output using a combination of controlling and monitoring reference electrodes.

Minitek System for steel hulls

Learn more about the way in which the Minitek system can help to reduce your hull maintenance costs. Read more


Alutek System for aluminium hulls

Designed to achieve the optimum level of protection for aluminium hulls, the Alutek system has numerous features that enhance its performance and reliability. Read more


Power supply requirements for Alutek and Minitek systems

Constant AC power supply. 110 – 120V AC 50/60Hz or 200 -240V AC 50/60 Hz