190m³/h system for luxury cruise ship

These systems have been supplied for two small cruise ships built to accommodate up to 298 people in luxurious suites. Chosen for their compact design and reliability, the units incorporate tank stripping systems to remove sediment from the ballast tanks.


250m³/h system for bunkering tanker

The height between decks was a major factor in the design of this system for a bunkering tanker. In view of the height restriction, the filter unit and UV reactor were positioned horizontally on the skid. This allows the UV lamps to be removed easily if maintenance is required.


60m³/h system for fishing vessel

The Evolution system is completely chemical free, a distinct advantage on any vessel where food products have to be handled or stored. With a footprint of just 1.6m x 0.90m x 1.7m, the system proved to be the ideal solution for installation on two freezer trawlers.


500m³/h system for ro-ro cargo ship

Space is always a major consideration in retrofit BWT installations. In the case of this vessel and her sister ship, a void area was identified close to the engine room where the filter unit, UV reactor and electrical cabinets could be installed in a linear arrangement giving good access for inspection and maintenance.