We can provide suitably qualified marine engineers to survey vessels to determine the most suitable locations for the BWMS equipment and to identify the necessary access routes for installation.

In the case of retrofit installations, 3D scanning is also available to supplement the survey information allowing for ease of layout of the equipment during the planning stage.

3D image by kind permission of Winter GmbH


Supply & Installation

Equipment supply only

We supply the equipment and the project is managed by the yard.

Supervision of installation/commissioning

We supply the equipment and appoint one of their own dedicated project managers to supervise the installation and commissioning of the system. Equipment installation is carried out by engineers from the vessel or yard.

Full turn-key project management

The full resources of our project management team are available to plan and supervise the installation.

This includes the supply of equipment, thorough resource planning and a careful analysis of the logistical requirements. The equipment is fitted using our own highly skilled teams of mechanical and electrical engineers who see the project through to final commissioning.

All of the larger items in the Evac Evolution system can be broken down into smaller components for ease of handling. This is an important advantage when planning access routes.