Cathelco are the UK’s leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalinators for luxury yachts, commercial vessels and naval craft.

Over a period of 30 years, the systems have gained a reputation for durability and ease of operation, proved on over 2,000 vessels around the world. This success combines engineering expertise with the use of high quality components. In 2010, Seafresh Desalinators was acquired by Cathelco who have invested in the development of the company and the service that it offers to customers.

A wider range with enhanced features

In the past few years, the emphasis has been on increasing the range of desalinators. These begin with the ultra-compact Ocean Whisper with outputs from 30 litre/hr and extend to the Ton range with capacities of up to 50 cubic metres per day.

Most of the models are completely automatic with water quality sensing and system diagnostics as standard for easy and reliable operation. These features make them the most cost effective solution to producing fresh water on commercial and pleasure craft.

Worldwide support

Cathelco have a worldwide network of over 40 agent/installers with many years of experience. It means that the support of fully trained technicians is available to install or service your equipment wherever your vessel is located.

In addition, the UK based Cathelco team is always available to answer your questions on the most effective solution to your requirements.