Cathelco marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) have been fitted on hundreds of Scottish fishing vessels due to the fact that they are easy to install and do not involve the use of chemicals which would be undesirable on fishing craft from both an environmental and food safety perspective.

One of the latest projects is the installation of an MGPS system on a fishing vessel built for Livingstone Fishing of Hull. This is currently under construction at Parkol Marine Engineering of Whitby who specialise in building fishing craft and other small vessels.

The project is being supervised by P&J Johnstone, a leading Scottish fish selling and vessel management company based in Peterhead, who have been involved in a number of Cathelco spares replacement and retrofit contracts in recent years. The fishing craft named, Guiding Light, is a 26 metre vessel which uses a box cooler system to keep the engine within good operating temperatures.

Box coolers are prone to bio-fouling as they consist of spiral tubing which can become encrusted with barnacles and mussels which impair the transfer of heat. The solution is to fit a Cathelco MGPS system with a copper anode directly beneath the cooling tubes in the seachest. A steel cathode plate, running parallel to the anode, ensures an even distribution of copper ions which prevent marine organisms from settling and growing. As the concentrations of copper are less than two parts per billion, there is no risk to the wider marine environment in which the vessel is operating.

The order for the equipment was won by Cathelco Grampian, a subsidiary of Cathelco based near Aberdeen to serve the Scottish fishing industry.

Cathelco MGPS systems are widely used to protect the seawater pipework systems of fishing craft against blockages caused by bio-fouling. A range of anodes has been developed which can be installed in box coolers, seachests or strainers and wired to a compact control panel.

The units can be fitted solely to provide anti-fouling or as dual purpose systems offering the advantage of corrosion suppression in pipework. In the case of dual purpose systems, an aluminium anode is also fitted which produces ions that create an anti-corrosive layer on the internal surfaces of pipes.

“The effectiveness of the Cathelco system has been proved over a period of 50 years on fishing vessels of every size operating from Scotland and around the world”, said Scott Rose of Cathelco Grampian.

Cathelco are the world’s largest manufacturer of MGPS systems with record of over 50,000 installations on vessels ranging from fishing craft to the largest commercial vessels and cruise ships.