Your ships can go anywhere without restriction

Because the Cathelco system is effective in marine, brackish and fresh water there is no limitation on the areas where your vessel can trade. It can operate in the Great Lakes, inland waterways and estuaries, whilst also remaining effective in seawater temperatures down to minus 2 degrees C.


Effective in challenging water conditions

Some BWT systems struggle to work effectively in the heavily silted water found in harbours.  The Cathelco system has proved to be effective in waters where UV light transmittance is as low as 45%. This compares with normal seawater UVT levels of 75%.


Precise adjustment to different water qualities – saving power

Maximum power is only used when the circumstances demand such as when the ship is operating in heavily silted waters within harbours and estuaries.

A UVT sensor measures a sample of sea water before it reaches the UV chamber and registers the amount of UV light actually passing through it – a very accurate way of calculating the correct UV dose. This works in conjunction with UV intensity meters which are mounted on the chamber and measure the intensity of light which is received.

As soon as the water quality improves, the power to the lamps is reduced saving on overall power consumption.

Stepless power control – saving energy

With some BWT systems power to the lamps is increased in large incremental steps with inevitable wastage. In contrast, the Cathelco system uses the latest switchmode technology to provide a ‘linear’ power supply. This means that the demand from the lamps is met in much smaller steps without excessive and unnecessary use of power. As the power output is linked to data from the UVT and UV intensity meter feed-back loop, the optimum amount of power is used at all times.


Easy, intuitive controls

The Cathelco control system has proved popular with ships’ engineers as it is easy and intuitive to use. Schematics show the routing of the water through the pipework and readings are immediately available from all of the sensors. It is also shows the transition state of valves, giving engineers a complete picture of how the system is performing.

Worldwide support for your system

Cathelco has been serving the marine industry for over 50 years and has established a network of agents in ports around the world, plus subsidiaries in India, Korea, Singapore and the UAE. Your BWT system has the support of experienced engineers together with access to a complete range of consumables.