Bodymain Right

Automatic adjustment to different water qualities

UVT Sensors

The amount of turbidity (suspended solids) in the seawater has a direct effect on the efficiency of the UV treatment process.

For this reason, the Cathelco BWT system constantly measures the UV transmittance of the water in front of the UV chamber, allowing for automatic adjustments to differing water qualities.

An optical sensor measures the UV transmittance of the water and sends a signal to the central control panel. This automatically adjusts the power level to the UV lamp, ensuring that the flow is thoroughly treated whatever the condition of the seawater entering the chamber. In addition, this ensures efficient power usage and extends the life of the lamps.

UV intensity meters – measuring lamp performance

Each UV chamber is equipped also with light intensity meters which measure the performance of the lamps. The readings from the meters are fed back to the control panel which uses them to measure the condition of each lamp. This enables the performance of the UV lamps to be monitored, indicating when replacement or refurbishment is necessary.