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Alutek – protecting aluminium hulls

Aluminium is generally regarded as a stable material which does not corrode easily. However, when used in conjunction with other metals such as bronze propellers and steel components, serious problems of hull corrosion can arise.The Alutek System uses the latest technology to eliminate corrosion on aluminium hulls. Unlike traditional sacrificial anode systems, it uses flush mounted, lightweight anodes and advanced monitoring systems to provide the optimum level of protection. So there is nothing to detract from the smooth lines of your craft or reduce its speed.



  • Flush mounted anodes keep the hull streamlined.
  • Reduced weight in comparison with sacrificial anodes.
  • Automatic system - constantly monitors and adjusts output.
  • Operates from 230V or 115V a.c. electrical supply.
  • Monitoring electrodes - measure the electrical potential near the di-electric shield.
  • Controlling anodes - measure the electrical potential at a remote point on the hull.
  • Shield sensors - detect changes in resistance at the coated aluminium/seawater interface.
  • Lower yard installation costs than recessed sacrificial anodes.


Length approx
Sacrificial Anodes
ICCP System
Weight Advantage
80 kg
52 kg
28 kg
200 kg
52 kg
148 kg
400 kg
52 kg
348 kg
600 kg
52 kg
548 kg