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A choice of filter units

Cathelco offer the choice of two types of filters to remove larger organisms and particles from the ballast water. Both of the filters are made by well established, high quality European manufacturers.

The filter units are available in capacities from 50m3/hr to 1,200 m3/hr with 40 micron screen mesh.

Multi-stage back-flushing

During the filtering process the seawater passes through the filter candles from the inside to the outside. Sediment accumulates on the inside of the filters as ballasting continues.
As the amount of material increases, the differential pressure between the contaminated and clean sides of the filter increases. When the differential pressure reaches the pre-determined level, back-flushing starts automatically.
Stage 1

The filter is cleaned from the inside to break up the accumulated material (cake) and return it to more freely flowing sediment. This is an important advantage over other systems which only use back pressure without ‘freeing up’ the candle.
Stage 2

The filter is cleaned from the outside, using pulse-aided back-flushing which effectively dislodges any remaining and removes it completely.

Each candle is cleaned successively which means that the system can continuously filter ballast water during the self cleaning process.

The units come with an in-built filter lid lifting device eliminating the need for block and tackle, thereby minimising the maintenance footprint.