Cathelco are world leading manufacturers of equipment for ships and offshore installations.

Cathelco, now part of the Evac Group, are world leading manufacturers of equipment for ships and offshore installations.

The Cathelco product portfolio includes marine growth prevention systems (MGPS) for sea water pipework and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems to safeguard the hulls of vessels against corrosion. Over a 10 year period, Cathelco has developed at ballast water treatment system based on filtration and UV technology which has now been rebranded as the Evac Evolution BWT system.

Hydro Electrique Marine (HEM) the specialists in desalinators and potable water treatment systems located in Antibes (South of France) have also become members of the Evac Group as have Echo Marine who serve the superyacht market from their base in Mallorca.


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